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Our initial aim is to ensure the children experience a smooth transition from Class 1 to Class 2.

Class 2 is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 group. Our curriculum builds upon and extends the work done in Class 1, with the timetable becoming more structured.


We do, however, expect your child to become increasingly independent and to be able to challenge themselves, taking risks to move their learning forward. We have high expectations of the children’s behaviour, in addition to their attitude and approach to their work.


We also expect the children to assume some personal responsibility for their belongings and personal organisation, to respect others, their ideas and their property.


Please do not hesitate to come and see us after school if you have any questions or queries



Reading and homework


Your child will have a reading diary to bring home and we encourage you to hear your child read daily and to record it in the diary. This is really important and makes a huge difference to the progress of the children. They will need to bring their reading diary and book to school every day. Once your child can read their book accurately, they will be asked to write their name on the board in order to change their book or to complete a reading quiz about the book


In addition, please help your child to practise their weekly spellings and ensure the spellings book is in school on a Friday.





Class 2 do P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child has their P.E. Kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled. Encourage your child to practise getting dressed at home to help them to get dressed more quickly at school! Long hair will also need to be tied back. Please refer to the Uniform page for dress code.


Any letters, monies or reply slips which need to be returned can be put in your child’s book bag. The children can give them to the teacher at register time.



Your child needs their own named water bottle to keep in class, which they can access and top up during the day.

They may also wish to bring a healthy snack for morning break which they then eat at the beginning of play time.


Welcome Back to Class 2




Mrs Cattermole and Mrs Gardner


Clown Time at Henley

Class 2 has had a happy time making Birthday Cards for the Queen

The purpose behind the selection of 6 keys books for each year group had its origins in some inspirational training our staff received from academics and authors at the British Library. They recommended that the best way to teach grammar, punctuation and the development of well-structured writing to children, was to use real books. The teachers chose the required readers as a basis for the teaching of writing across the school. This is not a list of books to race through to reach the top because THERE IS NO TOP. They are all excellent models of the type of writing we want to encourage and promote in every classroom. Your child has three options in order to access these books: 1 Read the book themselves.2 Read the book together with an adult.3 Listen to an audio version of the book. Your child needs to experience the wonder of beautiful stories, well told, with all the joy and excitement that    entails. How else are we going to make them want to be writers?


Here are the words for the Class 2 Spelling Bee.


There are two lists of words, one for the year 1s and one for the year 2s.


The Legend of the Dragon of Krakow


Key Stage 1 had a great time at the interactive story-telling session based on The Dragon of Krakow. They really enjoyed listening to the legend and there were lots of opportunities for them to be involved in the exciting story!


Perhaps your child can retell the story at home!


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