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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


Welcome back to the Summer Term


Our IPC topic this term is “Scavengers and Settlers- Early man to the Iron Age”

and our Science topics are Light and Sound.


Class News



During our topic we will be studying Early Man both in Britain and around the world. We will be exploring the skills our ancestors needed to survive and researching people such as Otzi (the Ice Man) and Cheddar Man.


We will be reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King and watching some clips from Walking with Cavemen (BBC)


There is a lot on the internet that will support your child’s learning so please encourage your child to read around the subject either online or using books form the library.


As you know we are going to the Children’s Farm and Country Show on April 19th.This is normally a very educational and enjoyable day, just cross your fingers for us that it doesn’t rain!!


Please keep an eye out for documentaries to suit our topic and encourage your child to research the topic either online or at the library.


Homework will be given out on Fridays to be handed in the following Thursday. Spellings will be given out on Friday. Each week the spellings will consist of 10 words which fit spelling patterns and extra words from the year 3/4 statutory words set by the government. Please ensure your child learns his/her words each week. We will be continuing the 'Spelling Bee' this year.


We learn times tables in a certain order. (Please feel free to come in and see our times tables display.) Everyone will start with 2s in September and then move up through the chosen order until they reach 'The Moon'. Children will be tested each week and will move up or be re-tested. Please practise times tables as much as possible over the holidays - car journeys are the perfect time.


Keep up with Mathletics - aim for 1000 points per week.


Please see below a copy of the letter from the children's reading diaries regarding reading.


Dear Parents


Please listen to your child read as often as you can. Just ten minutes every night can really help your child to progress in their reading. (Even fluent readers may need help with difficult words.)

When you have listened to your child, please sign and date the pages read. Reading diaries will be checked weekly by Mrs  Fleet and a raffle ticket will be awarded if your child has read three time or more in a week.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs Townshend


One of the important roles in Class 3 is to develop your child's independence. Being ready for lessons with the appropriate equipment in their own pencil case is all part of this.


Summer term timetable


          Tuesday with Mrs Sturmey and swimming at Iswim in Clopton (starting on Tuesday 24th April)

          Tuesday and Wednesday - P.E. with Mrs Sturmey

          Wednesday - Computing with Mr Barlow

          Outdoor learning - Wednesday - with Mrs Sturmey



Please make sure your child has weather appropriate clothing for outdoor learning and the correct P.E. kit in school on these days - including short white socks for those girls who wear tights to school.


Please make sure your child has:

1. A book bag/ folder to protect school library books and reading diaries.

2. Sports kit


  •   Navy blue tracksuit
  •   Red T-Shirt
  •   Navy blue shorts
  •   Plain trainers
  •  Plimsolls
  •  Boys - plain socks
  •   Girls - short white socks
  •   Long hair to be tied back
  •   Labelled water bottle



        Girls- one piece swimming costume and hat

        Boys- swimming trunks and hat


3. When you buy new school uniform, please remember - navy trousers and skirts (not black or grey).

4. A pencil case with a selection of HB pencils for writing and drawing, a few coloured crayons, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener etc. Please make sure that the pencil case is small enough to fit in your child's drawer in the classroom.

5. Labelled wellies.


Please make sure that all items or clothing are clearly labelled.


If you have any further queries please feel free to contact either of us.


Mrs C Townshend (Class 3 Teacher)

Mrs T Fleet (Class 3 Teaching Assistant)