School's Ethos and Values

We are a small(ish) village school serving a rural catchment area of Henley, Gosbeck and Hemingstone. Approximately 50% of our pupils are from outside the catchment area.


 As a community, we are very close and we know our children and families very well. We foster an atmosphere of discovery, thinking and risk taking whilst providing a secure environment where each child can explore their strengths and weaknesses.


We use the International Primary Curriculum to support our cross curricular learning and teaching. We do however, link all our work to the National Curriculum objectives. We organise many visits outside school and our aim is to take learning outside the classroom.


We offer the children responsibilities around the school, and use a buddy system to give newcomers to the school someone to support them in their early days with us.


We have an excellent staff who are highly motivated and very supportive of the children and each other. We promote a culture of open dialogue and learning from mistakes. Staff are encouraged to try new ideas and contribute to all major decisions made about the way we work.


We have many volunteers at the school who support children in a wide range of activities from reading to swimming. We welcome parents to school to discuss their child’s progress any time after school and have an open door policy should they feel the need to talk to a member of staff.


Our governors are actively involved in the day to day life of the school and attend many of the events and activities we provide for the children.


 We have close links to Henley Pre-School, the local community centre and the local church.


Henley Primary School

Part of the The Consortium - Multi Academy Trust