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We use the International Primary Curriculum to support and enhance the learning experience for our pupils. We have chosen to do this for the following reasons:


 Learning through themes helps to make connections in learning. We feel it is vital that pupils understand the connections between the different areas of learning they experience. We want them to understand why they need to learn the knowledge and skills we provide.


 We are a relatively mono-cultural school and we want pupils to have an understanding of the wider global community, especially as their lives will be very much influenced by other nations as they grow to adulthood.


We want pupils’ learning to be relevant, deep and adaptable to the range of circumstances they may encounter through their lives.


The IPC incorporates the study of all the foundation subjects through themes. For example:

  • Let’s Celebrate – studying festivals and celebrations around the world
  • Saving the World – studying rainforest environments around the world.
  • Moving People – studying migration of people across the world now and in the past.


We use a wide range of educational research to inform our teaching methods and listen to the voices of those involved in the learning process to improve our skills.

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