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Henley School aims to provide the children with a highest standard of music teaching. We aim to inspire the children to develop an enduring love of music and to realise that music is, first and foremost, a powerful means of self expression. Through performance, composition and musical appreciation, we aim to grow the children’s self-confidence and their ability to play collaboratively and expressively with their peers.


All children are taught to sing and use their voices, play instruments on their own and as part of an ensemble. Children explore how music is created and learn how composers use the elements of music, such as pitch and dynamics, to build a desired effect or emotion. They are given the opportunity to create their own music in response to this understanding. They are encouraged to aspire to their best level of performance. Through our concerts and musical plays, pupils gain confidence and self- awareness; skills which are valuable to lifelong learners.


 We aim to give the children knowledge of influential composers and a variety of different styles of music, developing the ability to become critical listeners.

Long Term Plans (pdf)

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