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Class 1

Welcome back Class 1 to our new Autumn Term

Dear Parents

Welcome back to another busy half term.  The highlights of this half term in Class 1 include:

  • Learning the story of the Little Red Hen
  • Nativity Play
  • Firework artwork
  • Learning about animals that hibernate
  • Making a car out of cardboard boxes
  • Lots of fun learning outside.

Autumn Term Topics - Second Half

In English we will learn the story of the Little Red Hen.  The children will use a ‘story map’ to learn the story and have a go at retelling it verbally before writing or drawing the story (depending on year group) and then making up their own versions of the story.  During the topic the children will bring home their story maps.  This will give the children the opportunity to use the story map to tell you their stories that they have been learning.  We will finish the term by learning about animals that hibernate during the winter.  The children will make their own non-fiction books using the information that they have learnt.

This half term we will do lots of Art and Design Technology.  In Art the children will make firework pictures using paper techniques such as tearing, cutting, scrunching, curling and twisting.  In DT the children will make a car using junk modelling techniques.  We will be doing this in the week beginning 11th November.  During this week it would be really helpful if you could have a look in your recycling bins and find boxes, yoghurt pots, cardboard tubes and any other cardboard or plastic that we could use to make some amazing cars for our DT project.


This half term we will begin rehearsing our Nativity play.  We let you know which part your children have as soon as possible.  We will also let you know what your child will need to wear for the play.  We do ask for parents to provide their children with a costume.


This term we are having a focus on reading for pleasure and would like you to join us for a Book Share session on Friday 29th November at 2:45pm.  During these sessions we simply ask for parents to arrive a little early to pick your children up from school and to come into the classroom from 2:45 and to read a book with your child or a small group of your children’s friends.  The focus of these session will be fun, and that reading is an enjoyable activity.

Year 1 Children – Maths Sessions

During the course of the year we will begin the process of moving children from Class 1 into Class 2 for some lessons.  This enables us to get the Year 1 children used to spending time in Class 2.  We will move children through to Class 2 based on individual need.  This half term some of the Year 1 children will be going to Class 2 for Maths lessons.  The Year 1 children already go to Class 2 for Grammar sessions once a fortnight.

Winter Clothing

Please ensure that your children have a coat, with a hood, in school every day.  As the weather gets colder we ask for children to be sent to school with a clearly named hat, scarf and gloves.  If you find that your child struggles to zip up their coat or put on their gloves please practise this at home so they can do this independently at school.


If you ever have any concerns or questions about what your child does in school, please come and talk to us.  We are always around to talk after school and are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.


Miss Way
Picture 1

Class 1 Autumn Term Topic Overview

Reception Phonics Meeting


Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who attended our parent meeting.  I hope you all found it useful.  If you have any questions please let me know.



Reception Phonics


This week Reception children have learnt the sounds m and d and next week they will be learning the sounds o, c, k, ck and e.


Year 1 Spellings - Friday 12th - Friday 19th October

Year 1 Spellings - Friday 12th - Friday 19th October 1

Class 1 Word of the Day


Next week we are beginning to use a 'Word of the Day'.  The 'Word of the Day' gives the children the opportunity to learn and use a variety of new and interesting vocabulary.  Children will be given a house point if they use the 'Word of the Day' in conversation or in their writing.  See if you and your children can use some of the 'Word of the Day' words at home.


Next week's words are:

Monday - cavern

Tuesday - vacant

Wednesday - quicksand

Thursday - pouring

Friday - frightening

Reception Phonics


We have worked really hard this week and have learnt the sounds in the photos below. Have a look with your child and see whether they can say the sound to you. Some children are now able to read some simple words too - I have included a couple in the pictures below.


Next week we will be learning the sounds m, d and g. We will also continue to put the sounds together to make some words. I am happy to help if you have any questions about helping your child with phonics at home.

Phonic Sounds

Show and Share


Class 1 look forward every week to our Show and Share sessions on a Friday afternoon.  This week's items included: a magic trick, a fairy, tranformers, a dinosaur, a robot, a unicorn and a unicorn hat, talking birds, pretend food, a toy insect, a bracelet and ballet medals.


We love to see anything interesting from home and love to hear interesting stories too. 


Year 1 Spellings 5th October 2018

Year 1 Spellings 5th October 2018 1

Welcome to Class 1

New Web Page


Welcome to Class 1's page on the new school website. 


We hope to put lots of news and information on our web page to keep you up to date with what is happening in the classroom.  Please keep checking this page for news and information. 




As we move towards the end of September the children in Class 1 are beginning to develop coughs and colds.  At this age we are still trying to teach children to wash their hands carefully, cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, blow their nose and put their tissues in the bin. 


Many parents send in small packets of tissues for their child to use, which are extremely fiddly for little fingers to open and use and can become quite expensive to buy.  Instead of doing this we ask for you to buy a large box of tissues to send in to school for the whole class to use.  We get through lots of tissues at this time of year and would be extremely grateful for any boxes of tissues.