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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4


Spring term 2019


Starting off a new year our topic this term 'Embracing World Culture'. This topic will cover...


Exploring various countries around the world. Exploring parts of Northern and Southern America, Europe, Asia, Indonesia and Australasia.  Comparing life, culture, religion, traditions etc. Seeking comparisons of differences and similarities.


In English we will be studying the book ' The Highwayman'. A poem that models fantastic descriptive language and poetic features. 

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Recommended Books to read

Recommended Books to read 1
Recommended Books to read 2
Recommended Books to read 3
Recommended Books to read 4
  In Science we will be learning about:
Forces and Electricity: balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity, air resistance, water resistance, mechanisms,   circuits (drawing and making) and circuit investigations


In Philosophy we will be reading the book 'The Island'. We will be discussing actions of people within the book and discussing our thoughts of treating and accepting new people in within our social groups/communities/friendships/workplace/school etc.


Class 4 Autumn term Review- WWI & WWII

I have to say, I have really enjoyed the Autumn term...


We have been very pleased with the children's maturity to embrace this topic. The children have learnt about a range of events that had shocked the World during 1914 to 1945 such as: life on the front line in World War 1 and the appalling conditions they fought in, life as an evacuee in WW2, the holocaust and much more. They have learnt about the importance of remembrance and produced some stunning research homework to remember family members who were involved in both wars. 




 Let's Celebrate! 

Check out Class 4's amazing work they have produced so far. From creating posters based on their family involvement in WW1 and WW2, making fabulous art work, sharing artifacts and writing stories based on scenes from War Horse. More to follow soon...

WW1 trench art work inspired by Ella's artifacts. WW1 Silhouettes