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Correct school uniform helps to create and foster a sense of community and a feeling of belonging. It demonstrates to children that there are codes of conduct and dress in society, especially in the working environment.


We have deliberately chosen a uniform which is readily available and inexpensive. Please could you support the school by buying the correct uniform and ensuring that your child wears it.


If your child has any medical issues which require an adaptation of the uniform, please bring a letter from your GP or consultant and we will be happy to discuss it with you.


Please use your common sense when choosing hairstyles for your child. Whilst the school does not wish to dictate exact lengths or acceptable styles, it is important that you consider what the ethos of our school aims to encourage.


A smart appearance both in dress and hairstyle will convey a positive message about how a person values themselves and how they may fit into any learning or working community. In addition, your child will be representing our school when they learn off site at sports competitions, museum visits, residential visits.


On safety grounds, permitted jewellery is restricted to watches and a single plain stud earring in the bottom of either/each ear, and is to be removed and stored by pupils before PE lessons or other sporting activities.


Thank you for your continued support.


Required PE Uniform

Red School PE T-shirt

Navy Shorts (plain)

Plimsolls (black)

Training Shoes (white with good support and not fashion training shoes)

Navy Tracksuit

Navy or white ankle socks



  • No jewellery or watches should be worn during PE lessons and hair should be tied back
  • Clothes with logos should not be worn with the exception of training shoes
  • A drink of water should be provided (in addition to lunch drinks)