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Fun Football (Reception & KS1)

Fun Football


Reception & KS1

Runs in the Autumn Term
At lunch time
Led by Sports Leaders (under staff supervision)


*Children sign up at school


Fun Football really is a great way for children to exercise with friends, build confidence & sportsmanship. The Sports Leaders Run the club and the younger children love them being involved. 

There are numerous health benefits to playing football. Regular sporting activity strengthens bones, aids in coordination and improves stamina and concentration. It’s a great healthy habit to start as a child and continue into adulthood. Regular participation in aerobic sports like football increases longevity and decreases susceptibility to chronic illness and heart disease.

There are also many psychological and social benefits to playing football. Listening to the coaches and referee helps children learn discipline and to follow instructions. It also teaches them good sportsmanship & how to deal with the disappointment of losing. Football can instil confidence & help children to overcome shyness. The fast aspect of the game encourages quick thinking and adaptability.

Football also encourages team spirit and working as a team. Children become part of a team which forms a bond between the children. It helps them realise the importance of having close relationships with others. Teamwork helps children get used to working with others which is a great life skill to have.