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The purpose behind the selection of 6 keys books for each year group had its origins in some inspirational training our staff received from academics and authors at the British Library. They recommended that the best way to teach grammar, punctuation and the development of well-structured writing to children, was to use real books. The teachers chose the required readers as a basis for the teaching of writing across the school. This is not a list of books to race through to reach the top because THERE IS NO TOP. They are all excellent models of the type of writing we want to encourage and promote in every classroom. 


Your child has three options in order to access these books: 

1 Read the book themselves.

2 Read the book together with an adult.

3 Listen to an audio version of the book. 


Your child needs to experience the wonder of beautiful stories, well told, with all the joy and excitement that    entails. How else are we going to make them want to be writers?

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