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Sports News and Competition Reports

We are looking forward to continuing sports competitions as soon as we return to school. 

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                                    School Games Competitions
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* Please note times are approximate and subject to change.  A letter will be sent to parents of pupils representing the school in a competition prior to the event. 
U11 Tag Rugby Festival 
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On Monday 9th March the U11 rugby team travelled to Ransomes Sports Ground on a cold but sunny afternoon. There were 22 teams taking part and Henley had 7 teams in their group.  


Henley enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of tag rugby played in the good spirit of the game. As this event was a festival there would be no overall winner but Henley only lost 2 matches and had several exciting matches.




Whatfield - Drew 4 - 4 (Finn D scored 3 and Harry 1)

Bildeston - Won 5 - 4 (Ollie scored 2- Finn D 2 and Harry 1)

Sproughton - Lost 5 - 6 (Harry scored 2, Finn D 2 and Issac 1)

Copdock - Lost 3 - 5 (Finn D scored 2 and Wil 1)

Witnesham - Won - 4 - 3 (Ellis scored 1, Isaac 1, Finn D 1 and Harry 1)

Bentley - Won - 4 - 3 (Mia scored 1, Ollie 2 and Fin J 1)

U11 Basketball Competition
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On Tuesday 11th February the U11 basketball team took part in the School Games competition at Inspire Suffolk.  The competition was divided into groups and Henley faced St Pancras, Ranelagh and Witnesham.  The girls were set to play the first half and the boys would play the second half of each match. 


Henley played St Pancras first and got off to a slow start against a well organised side. The girls didn’t manage to score so it was even going in to the second half. The second half was close throughout for the boys and St Pancras just managed to steal the win 4-3. 


The second match against Ranelagh was another close match with Amy taking an early basket for Henley in the first half. The boys kept the pressure on with James and Finn D scoring baskets to secure a 3-2 win for us. This was an exciting match for the spectators.


In the third match Henley dominated play against Witnesham from the outset. The girls scored an amazing 8 baskets with Frankie scoring 5, Amelia 2 and Mia 1.  A fantastic performance from the girls and the boys played equally well in the second half and didn’t allow Witnesham to score and baskets. 

CMAT U11 Swimming Gala
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The U11 swimming team travelled to Framlingham College to take part in the trust swimming gala competing against 9 other schools. Henley had a fantastic morning and we’re pleased to come 5th overall. We had some great individual results.


Final positions of the heats;


Girls Front Crawl - Mia - 3rd

Boys Front Crawl - Finn D - 2nd

Girls Back Stroke - Amelia - 3rd

Boys Back Stroke - Finn J - 3rd

Girls Breast Stroke - Frankie - 1st

Boys Breast Stroke - Isaac - 1st

Girls Individual Medley - Eva - 4th

Boys Individual Medley - Mark - 1st




Boys Front Crawl - Finn D - Runner-up

Boys Back Stroke - Finn J - 3rd

Boys Back Stroke - Isaac - Winner

Boys Individual Medley - Mark - Runner-up


Relay Heats


Mixed Front Crawl Relay - Frankie, Mia, Finn D, William - 1st

Mixed Back Stroke Relay - Amelia, Mia, William, Finn J - 3rd

Mixed Breast Stroke Relay - Frankie, Eva, Mark, Isaac - 1st




Mixed Breast Stroke Relay - Frankie, Eva, Mark, Isaac - Runner-up


U11 Dodgeball Festival
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The U11 Dodgeball Team left school early in the morning on Wednesday 15th January to take part in the School Games Dodgeball Festival at Inspire Suffolk. Henley were strong from the outset, using tactical play and determination to win most of their games throughout the morning. Each team member caught opponents out and worked together to get teams ‘all out’ in several games. The organisers also commented on the excellent manners of our children which is a great achievement in itself. Well done to the Dodgeball Team! 




Colneis - WON match - won all 3 games 

Hintlesham - LOST match - won 1 and lost 2 games 

Gusford - WON - won all 3 games 

Sproughton - WON - won all 3 games

Rendlesham - WON - won 2 and lost 1 game

Colneis (played again) - WON - won 2 and drew 1 game 

U9 Tag Rugby Festival
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The U9 tag rugby team played in the schools festival on Monday 25th November. Henley played some exciting rugby throughout the afternoon facing 5 other schools (one school was unable to take part).  Henley won the first 2 matches 3-0 against Handford Hall and Morland.  The next match proved to be more tricky against a strong East Bergholt side and we lost 2-1.  Henley came back determined in the next 2 matches against Stratford St Mary and Claydon and won both 2-0. We scored some fantastic tries during the afternoon; Reggie scoring 3, Alex (Capt) 2, Joseph 2, Seth 1, Ottilie 1 and Joel 1. Well done Henley for winning 4 out of the 5 matches. 
U11 Girls Tag Rugby Festival
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The U11 Girls Tag Rugby Team travelled to Ransomes Sports Centre travelled to Ransomes Sports Centre to play in the schools festival. As 1 team was unable to take part there were only 5 teams in Henley’s group. Unfortunately Henley lost the first match against Shotley and then went on to draw 0-0 in the next match against Gusford. Henley stepped up in the next two matches playing some brilliant rugby. Henley beat East Bergholt 3-2 and St Helen’s 3-0. There were some excellent tries from; Amelia who scored 4, Freya 2 and Mia 1. Well done for a great performance.  

U9 Girls Football Festival
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On Tuesday 19th November the U9 Girls Football Team travelled to Ipswich Town Football Club on a cold but sunny afternoon to take part in a schools football festival. Henley played 8 games throughout the afternoon.  No scores are recorded in this type of festival as emphasis is on the enjoyment of playing the game. The girls had a fun afternoon and even ventured into the football stadium for a peak at Ipswich Town football Club’s 1st Team pitch.  
U9 Badminton Festival
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Ten U9 children had a fantastic afternoon of fun at The Racketfest Badminton Festival at Ipswich School Sports Centre.  Lots of different badminton activities were experienced throughout the afternoon and each child received a t shirt and water bottle for attending. 
U11 Girls Football Competition
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On Tuesday 15th October the U11 Girls Football Team travelled to Whitton Sports Centre to play in our Area School Sports Comoetition.


There were 15 schools taking part and split into 3 divisions. Henley faced Shotley in the first match and started strong however Shotley scored a goal within a few minutes. To level the score Mia scored a fantastic goal and we began to dominate play. Ava went on to score next to secure a 2-1 win to Henley. 


Henley played Ranelagh in the next match and once again began well. Ranleigh took the first goal but Henley defended well and kept up the pressure. This resulted in a goal from Ava within seconds of the final whistle making it a 1-1 draw. 


Henley played Handford Hall and The Oaks in the next matches and lost both 1-0. Both teams proved to be strong and went through to the semi-finals. Henley played very well all afternoon and although they didn’t make it through to the final they should be very proud of their effort. 



U11 Boys Football Competition
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The U11 Boys Football Team travelled to Whitton Sports Centre on Thursday 3rd October to play against 19 schools in our area competition. 


Henley had a solid start to the afternoon facing Shotley in their first match. The match play was fairly even throughout and the score was 0-0 for a while. Henley had several chances but just couldn’t find the back of the net.  Shotley scored with just a few minutes to go. Final result - 1-0 to Shotley. 


Putting the the first game behind us Henley played Stratford St Mary in the next match, showing great determination and went into an early lead with an excellent goal from James in the first 30 seconds. Stratford sneaked a goal back but the defence stayed strong and battled hard.  Finn made some great saves and James went on to secure the lead with another goal. Final result - 2-1 win to Henley.


In the next match Henley played a strong Hadleigh team which was exciting from the outset. The game

flowed from end to end and Hadleigh’s fast pace enabled them to score a goal but Henley responded well and James scored to equalise. The match ended in a draw. 


Henley carried forward the momentum to the next match against Hillside which was another exciting game. Our defence once again remained strong and Hillside was unable to score, despite a few attempts. Oscar had a brilliant shot at goal which hit the back of the net and Henley went on to win the match. Final score - 1-0.


Henley had a great afternoon of football, winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 1. 


Many thanks goes to Mr Parkinson who offered some great coaching throughout the afternoon. 




U9 Tennis Competition 
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U11 Girls Cricket Team at the County Final
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U11 Girls Cricket Team 


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U11 Netball Competition
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On Tuesday 21st May the U11 netball team took part in the Schools Netball Competition at Ipswich School Sports Centre. Henley started a little nervous but went from strength to strength as the afternoon progressed. We came 2nd in our group only losing one match went on to win our final game. 

The goal scorers throughout the competition were Helen, Mark, Finn and James. James was awarded the Fair Play Award at the presentation. The team gelled well together and played some solid netball and were determined throughout.



Springfield - Lost 0-2

Bildeston - Won 3-0

Bentley - Won 3-0

E Bergholt - Won 4-2

U11 Hockey Competition
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U9 Tag Rugby Festival
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Year 4 Cross Country Team

U11 Dodgeball Festival

U11 Dodgeball Festival 1

U11 Dodgeball Team


The U11 Dodgeball team travelled to Inspire Suffolk on Thursday 22nd November feeling grateful the festival was being held indoors as the weather was extremely cold. This event was a festival so there would be no overall winners.


There were 9 teams taking part in the event and each school would play each other. The results are as follows.


Shotley - Overall WON - W2  D1

Coloneis - Overall LOST - L3

Otley - Overall LOST - L2, W1

Woodbridge - Overall WON - L1, W2

Rosehill - Overall WON - W3, L0

Gorseland - Overall WON - W3, L0

Rushmere - Overall WON - D2, W1

Tattingstone - Overall LOST - L2, W1


The whole team played well but James stood out during the matches, catching several balls to get the other team out and to let our players back into the game.  The afternoon went extremely well winning 5 of the 8 matches overall and everyone taking part enjoyed the event. 





U11 Boys Football Competition

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U11 Boys Football Competition 

Our first competition of the year and the U11 boys were excited to travel to Whitton Sports Centre with Mr Crump on Thursday 4th October to show off their football skills. 

Ranelagh vs Henley
Henley started with a strong performance, defending well from the start against a well matched Ranelagh side. The opponents best chance came from a corner. A header from Ranelagh’s striker struck the post and went out for a goal kick. The winning goal came moments later. James collected the ball on the half way line, took on a player and buried a 15 yard strike in the bottom corner. A great start!
Final score: Ranelagh 0, Henley 1

Tattingstone vs Henley
Another strong performance from Henley but we failed to take our chances. Tattingstone keeper made a great save from a Zac strike. We had several shots, one after the other but Tattingstone defended very well. Against the run of play, a Tattingstone midfielder made a strong run, dribbling through two Henley defenders and spotting the ball underneath the helpless Harry. 
Final score: Tattingstone 1, Henley 0

Halifax vs Henley
A difficult game for the boys. It was always going to be tough against a larger school. The team tried very hard but were outclassed by the team in royal blue. Halifax scored two outstanding goals from long distance.
Final score: Halifax 5, Henley 0

St. Pancreas vs Henley
Henley played well but unfortunately couldn’t get a shot on goal. St. Pancreas tested our defence and Harry had an excellent game in goal. St.Pancreas scored late on to win. 
Result: St. Pancreas 1, Henley 0

Claydon vs Henley 
Final game of the day. I thought losing three was very harsh and maybe deserved at least two victories where we had been on top. We had a chance to go in front early but the keeper made a great block from James. Claydon scored the first goal from long distance. Henley kept pushing for a goal and scored in the last kick of the game. James ran through beating three defenders before rolling the ball into the corner. Excellent goal from James again.
Final score: Claydon 1, Henley 1