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Tennis (KS1 & KS2)




Runs in the Autumn Term
On a Monday
After school – 3.15pm-4pm



Runs in the Summer Term
On a Monday
After school – 3.15pm-4pm


* Sign up on Gateway before the club begins


Carl Douglas, a qualified tennis coach runs the Tennis session for us here at Henley School. 

By playing tennis not only will children improve their hand-eye coordination, but the left right integration of the brain is also developed. Judging where the ball will land develops spatial orientation, and the court is covered from left to right back to front.Judging the speed of the ball coming at you requires a knowing of the power that must be applied to return the ball. The exact spot that you want the ball to land develops a sense of judging one’s own strength, ability and strategic planning.

Tennis builds the muscles in the whole body, head to toes. A high bone density develops from weight bearing impact on the court. That’s what you would call a great investment in the future!

Tennis is an individual game, and teaches children to take responsibility for every action as they can see the direct cause and effect of every stroke. It impacts positively on them when they can see they took the right action and the effect was positive. They also learn to deal with making mistakes and improving by practice to get it right. The discipline to keep at something is very important, and on the tennis-court the improvement is measurable.

Problems are solved by judging a stroke, learning an opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, and sizing them up in comparison to your own abilities. These are valuable lessons that are transferred to other activities. Playing doubles is the perfect opportunity for children to learn good sportsmanship, when to step back, and how to play by the rules. Doubles teaches children not to overpower their partner or to let them down either. Tennis is a very structured game and children need to learn the rules, yet it is still a lot of fun.