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Welcome to Henley Primary School


As from 1st September 2017, Henley Primary School begins an exciting new chapter as part of the Consortium Multi Academy Trust. We are committed to providing the same high quality of education as we have previously, and look forward to working in partnership with the other members of the Trust to take our School from strength to strength.


At Henley Primary School we are following in a 140 year tradition of teaching children as part of a close community. We have a positive attitude towards the joys and challenges which life presents to each of us. Everyone has a ‘can do’ attitude and we pride ourselves on being great problem solvers.


We know our children and their families well and we explore our strengths and weaknesses in a supportive and outward looking environment. We promote a culture of learning from our successes and from our mistakes. We encourage all members of the school community to contribute their ideas in an open and honest way.


Our approach to learning involves a foundation of strong philosophical principles. We encourage a questioning approach to learning. Children are expected to support their views with sound reasoning. They challenge assumptions, build on one another’s ideas and can use positive critical views to move their thinking forward.


Good manners and respect for everyone are the key to strengthening the bonds that bind us as a community. Children are given the opportunity to discover that they have something of value to offer the society in which they live. They can grow into young people who understand themselves, value others and are open to the wonderful opportunities and experiences which life may offer them.