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Henley Primary School

The Friends of Henley School


Welcome from the Friends of Henley School (FOHS)

Friends of Henley School is currently a group of parents who raise funds to support the teaching activities of the school.  As you will be aware, school budgets are under pressure and the school is only able to fund things that are directly related to the curriculum. 

The support from FOHS has made a fantastic contribution to the education of the children at this school, by providing funds assisting in the cost of school trips – where the children are taken off-site for learning activities.  Class 1 trips tend to be local, with Class 2 venturing as far as Colchester, but Classes 3 and 4 go as far afield as London.  As you can imagine, the cost of coaches is significant!

FOHS achieves this by organising activities and events such as school discos, film nights, dress down days, fêtes and cake sales, just to name a few.  Our events are for all ages and we organise them to get as many children as possible attending and having fun with their friends.  The questions is who has more fun the children or the FOHS…

Please look at the "events and diary dates" page for details of the activities and events that we have are organising.  

All parents and grandparents are welcome to come along to our meetings, this does not mean you are under any obligation to do anything or join the committee, but it is great to see new faces and share fresh ideas.  

We look forward to your support, as the money raised by FOHS helps your child have a better education.

Chair: Tracy Hunt

Secretary: Lucy Finlayson

Treasurer: Michelle Bird

Please contact FOHS by email at


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