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Henley Primary School

Class 1 English - Talk for Writing



Children at Henley Primary School learn to write using cursive handwriting.  We teach this style of writing from the beginning of Reception.  As children move through Reception and into Year 1 children begin to join their letters together.  Since we have started teaching cursive handwriting from the beginning of Reception we have seen significant improvements in their handwriting in Years 1 and 2. 

In Class 1 we begin each day with ‘Super Sentences’.  During this time children have a go at writing three phases or sentences in their handwriting book.  Each day we focus on improving one or two letters or teach a simple letter pattern.  At the end of the week a child is given the honour of being the ‘Super Sentences Writer of the Week’.  They get to wear the ‘Super Sentences’ superhero cape.


Children in Year 1 will be given a set of 12 spellings to learn at home during the week.  The first ten spellings will be based on the sounds that they learn during their daily phonics sessions. The last two spellings will usually be ‘tricky words’.  These are words that we would like children to be able to spell independently without sounding out. Spellings will be set every Friday on Google Classroom and we will test them in school the following Friday.

Talk for Writing