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Henley Primary School

Class 3 Expectations

In Class 3 we teach, encourage and expect children to become independent learners.  We value commitment, hard work, enthusiasm and a positive 'have a go' attitude.  We see mistakes as opportunities for learning, not something to fear.  We help and encourage children to build on their learning and identify their own next steps.  We value good manners and team work.

You can help your child in the following areas:

  • being well organised for school with their own pencil case so that they don't need to rely on other children
  • developing good home/school routines by completing homework to a high standard and handing it in on time
  • setting aside time to read regularly at home and keeping a record of reading in the Reading Diary
  • talking together about anything that interests your child and being aware of what is happening in the news and the wider world