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Henley Primary School

Class 4 FAQ's

My child has lost their spellings, can you help?

Spellings are updated weekly on the school website.  

My child is getting stuck whilst completing homework, can you help?

On the Class 4 website page, on the Homework Help tab, there are plenty of websites to help with homework problems.  Alternatively, buy a CGP study book (new curriculum) and work book for your child’s year group.  These are excellent resources; they help give confidence and give necessary tips and practice.  They are available from the CGP website or from Waterstones. Recommended books are: Key Stage 2 Maths Year 5 (or 6) targeted Study book/Key Stage 2 Maths Workout Yr 5 (or 6)/Key Stage 2 Maths Targeted Question Book (Yr 5 or 6).  There are also Reading, Writing and Grammar & Comprehension books.

Does my child have to read every day?

Yes!  It is really important to improve fluency, vocabulary and punctuation and to help your child ‘steal’ ideas and structures from authors.  There are various studies to suggest that the best readers are also the best writers.

How often is my child expected to quiz on their reading books?

We expect children to quiz fortnightly.  If they read for at least twenty minutes every day, this shouldn’t be a problem.  If a book takes a long time to read, many children forget the thread of the story, consequently gaining a low score in their test, which impacts on their confidence and self-esteem.

When is homework given out and need to be handed in?

Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested the following Monday.
Grammar homework is given out on a Monday.  The children have a fortnight to complete this work.
Maths is given out on a Monday and will be given in the following Monday.