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Henley Primary School

Henley Primary School Residential Visits

At Henley, we feel it is important that all children in the school get the opportunity to have a residential experience. From reception to year 6 they will have the opportunity to stay away from home, starting with one night sleep overs in the school building up to a week away in Years 5 and 6.

We also offer the children in year 6, the opportunity to go to France with children from the other schools within the trust.  This gives the children the chance to make new friends, forge links with other schools and share experiences.

Residential visits include:

                KS1- over night stay in school

                Years 3 and 4- 2 night stay at Aylmerton (Norfolk)

                Years 5 and 6- Week at PGL centre (Lincolnshire)

                Year 6- St Omer (France)