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Henley Primary School



All pupils are encouraged to attend school regularly and to be punctual. We work closely with families to achieve this and expect everyone to be committed to excellent attendance. 

Regular school attendance is vital in ensuring that children maximise the educational opportunities available to them while safeguarding their personal safety and well-being.  The whole Trust and school community has a responsibility for promoting excellent attendance; parents, pupils and school staff.

As part of the Central Team, the Trust offers a full-time Head of Service responsible for the Welfare, Inclusion, Safeguarding & Attendance of our pupils, who provides support and guidance to school leaders and families in raising attendance across our schools.

For assistance and support, please contact: Nigel Shaddick, Head of Service - Welfare, Inclusion, Safeguarding and Attendance (WISA) at:



  1. Fixed Term Penalty Information
  2. Request for Absence of a Pupil Form