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Henley Primary School

School Uniform

The school colours are red and navy, and listed below are the items of uniform which your child is encouraged to wear.  These are suitable for the varied activities in a primary school.

Please label and name all items of shoes, clothing and water bottles that come into school.

Sweatshirts and cardigans embroidered with the school logo are available from Brigade but this is not compulsory. Details for Brigade can be found below.  Non-branded uniform can be bought more cheaply from many supermarkets or the high street. 

Each term, we make good quality second hand uniform available. This is to reduce the number of uniforms our families have to buy new and to stop old uniforms going to landfill. We ask families to bring in any good quality second-hand uniform and this is made available for families to take what they need, free of charge. 

If your child wishes to have their ears pierced, the best time to get this done is at the beginning of the summer holiday so that the ears have time to heal. Children should be able to remove their earrings themselves or not wear them on the days that they have PE. Tape is only used to cover ears as a last resort and should not be encouraged.


  • Wellies/ outdoor shoes should be provided and kept in school - we will always attempt to be outside in all weathers.
  • A set of spare/old clothing should be kept in school for use in outdoor learning activities - this does not need to be school uniform (an old tracksuit, warm sweatshirt and waterproof clothing is recommended).
  • Red school jumpers and white polo shirts - clothing with school logo is available in the school colours.
  • Red fleeces may be worn (plain or with school logo) over jumpers in colder weather.
  • School trousers, shorts or skirts (in navy) should be worn - not leggings (leggings/ tights should only be worn under skirts or dresses in colder weather. Cycling shorts may be worn under skirts in summer).
  • Tights should be navy or red. 
  • Socks - should be plain and colours of school uniform
  • PE T-shirts- should be plain (preferably in the colours of their house team).
  • PE clothing should include shorts, plain jogging bottoms a warm navy top. This can be a hoodie, jumper or zip up top. 
  • Jogging bottoms are not suitable for use on PE apparatus indoors.


  • Children should be wearing black school shoes- not boots.
  • Shoes should be fastened and stay on the feet- not slip on pumps.
  • School shoes should be flat- not heeled.
  • Children should have plimsols to wear in school or wear clean school shoes.
  • Trainers are needed for outdoor PE lessons. These should either be plain black or white with minimal pattern/logos.

*It is important for all children to have a pair of trainers in school every day for completing the Golden Mile*


  • Long hair should be tied up
  • Stud earrings may be worn but must be removed for PE- other jewellery should not be worn
  • Hair accessories should be small/ minimal in school or natural colours.
  • Children can wear a watch but this will be their responsibility and will need to be removed for PE
  • Nail polish should not be worn
  • Name labels should be added to all items of clothing