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Henley Primary School

School Staff

Welcome to our School Staff page. We are very proud of all of our Staff, they work incredibly hard, day in day out, ensuring that together, every child thrives.

Should you wish to contact a member of staff please email:

Miss Stephanie Hawes, Academy head

Academy Head, The Greenfields Partnership

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Prevent Lead

Miss Hawes can be contacted by email at:

Mrs Caroline Townshend, Assistant Academy Head

Assistant Academy Head

Teacher, Dolphin Class (Class 3)

Maths Lead

Well-being Champion

Mrs Townshend can be contacted by email at:

mrs Debbie scurrell, special Educational Needs and disability Coordinator (SENDCO)

Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENDCO) for the Greenfields Partnership. 

Mrs Scurrell can be contacted by email  at:



Mrs Laura cross, Office Manager

Office Manager

Mrs Cross can be contacted at

Miss Elizabeth Way, teacher, jellyfish class (class 1)

Jellyfish Class (Class 1)

KS1 Phonics Lead 

Miss Way can be contacted by email on:

Miss Bethany bramhill, teacher, starfish class

Seahorses Class (Class 2)

Miss Bramhill can be contacted by email on:

Mrs Jacqui Cattermole, Teacher, dolphin class 

Teacher, Dolphin Class (Class 3)

Curriculum Lead

Mrs Cattermole can be contacted at:

Mr Christopher hempenstall, teacher, barracuda class

Teacher, Barracuda Class (Class 4)

English Lead

Mr Hempenstall can be contacted on:

Mrs Mandy Sturmey, pe and outdoor learning lead

Teaching Support

PE & Outdoor Learning Lead

Risk Assessment Coordinator

Mrs Sturmey can be contacted by email on:

Mr John Barlow, Teaching Support

Teaching Support

IT/Computing Lead

Online-Safety Lead

Mr Barlow can be contacted by email on:

Mrs Judy Harvey, Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Thirza Dod, Higher level Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Pupil Parliament


Mrs Dod can be contacted by email on:

Mrs Alison Downey, Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Class Boosting & Mentor Coordinator


Miss Amanda Sherman, ESCape! club lead

ESCape! Club Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Assistant

Miss Sherman can be contacted by email at:

Mr David Ogbourne, ESCape! activities worker & MDSA

ESCape! Extended Activities Worker

Teaching Assistant

Miss rachael sparkes, MDSA and ESCape! extended activities worker


ESCape! Extended Activities Worker 

Mrs Cathy Austin, MDSA & ESCape! extended activities worker


ESCape! Extended Activities Worker

miss zoe bridge, mdsa








Mr Michael Bone, Caretaker

Mr Bone can be contacted by email at:

Mrs Tina McLaughlin, Head of Kitchen (vertas)


The Consortium Trust support and actively promote Trade Union and Professional Body membership with our staff. We see effective and collaborative partnership working between the Trust Leadership and Management and recognised bodies as essential to the successful operation of our schools and establishments but does not currently have any paid Trade Union representatives within our Staff.


Consortium recognises all six of the Teaching Unions including the new National Education Union (NUT/ATL) along with Unison and the GMB.  The Trust and the recognised Trade Unions have agreed to set up a JCC (Joint Consultative Committee); please view the Terms of Reference below.