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Henley Primary School

Transition to High Schools

Henley Primary School falls in the catchment of Claydon High School, which is rated Good by Ofsted but we also have good links with Debenham High School.

Moving to high school is a very exciting time for students but wondering whether they will make new friends, locating new classrooms, different routines and homework can also be a worry to students.

Henley Primary School works closely with the pupil’s new High School to support the children’s transition.  The sharing of information, visits to our school by their new teachers and joint social events between the schools, such as Y6 sports morning in October and the Arts Festival in the summer at Claydon, Music events at Ipswich School and musical productions at Framlingham College Prep School are a few of the ways that we help them prepare.

A successful transition for children involves developing new friendships and improving their self-esteem and confidence, as well as settling into a new routine and school organisation with great ease.  Opportunities to visit the high schools and transition/induction days are important to help your child get to know their way around the new school.  To sample lessons and understand expectations will help your child adapt.  

One of the most exciting parts of moving onto high school is meeting new people.  Pupils are placed into tutor groups and will stay in the same one for 5 years.  The tutor’s role is to support your child and they will build a strong and positive relationship with their tutor and fellow pupils in this class.  

There is some very useful information that the BBC have published online, a guide tostarting secondary school .  This contains several videos and articles with plenty of advice for both parents and children, all aimed at alleviating the most common worries.